offensive language - Does this sound vulgar or have sexual connotations?

  • gphilip

    I'd like to ask you to help me clarifying if a brand name sounds sexual/vulgar/queer for native English speakers.

    It is "I Job You" which is a social job recommendation site. However, we had some feedback about the name that is has some sexual connotation (blow job? hand job?)

    How do you see it? Does it ring any sexual bell for the first read? Can it be used on a native English market?

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  • Daniel

    It certainly rang sexual bells in me, but I cannot say whether it will for others. In any case it is an awkward expression that is perhaps best avoided unless you want it to sound so to attract attention.

  • cornbread ninja 麵包忍者

    To answer your question, I don't think it sounds vulgar or sexual. It does sound strange since (I think) you are using job as a verb in the site name.

    To offer recommendations for which you didn't ask, if it's a social site, why not jobspace or workhub or jobhub or something like those?

    Edit: I consider myself the inverse of prude. This name may have sexual connotations in general, but for me, I would first have to get past the weirdness of the name, which I can't. No matter how I feel about that fruity gadget company, the fact that it sounds like it could be spelled iJob You or iJobU (as in some university that future Genius Bar workers would attend) hits my brain before sexual connotations.

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    Does “uxorious” have sexual connotations?
  • JasonFruit

    I understand the literal meaning of uxorious, but does it have sexual implications? That is, does it just mean that one is excessively devoted to one’s wife, or does it imply excessive sexual interest in her?

    For example, Lord Byron wrote:

    The same things change their names at such a rate;
    For instance—passion in a lover’s glorious,
    But in a husband is pronounced uxorious.

    There it seems to carry a possibly sexual tone, but I’ve seen other cases where it doesn’t.

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  • FumbleFingers

    I don't think there are any sexual connotations to the word. But it does invariably imply a degree of condemnation. An uxorious man isn't just very devoted to his wife, which might be said approvingly. It means (in the opinion of the speaker, at least) that he's excessively devoted.

  • kiamlaluno

    The meaning reported by the NOAD for uxorious is "having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one's wife." The definition for fondness is then "affection or liking for someone or something."

    I don't think anybody would use fondness with sexual implications.