abbreviations - Correct pronunciation of "Qty"

  • misho

    How to pronounce "Qty"?



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  • Chris Dwyer

    It's an abbreviation for "quantity", and I would pronounce it by saying the actual word.

    kwan - teh - tee

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    What is the correct pronunciation of the word "Islam"?
  • Dia

    Some people pronounce the S in Islam as Z, and others pronounce it as S.

    Which is correct?

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  • RegDwigнt

    Looking at the other answers, I would like to intervene. Whatever the correct pronunciation in Arabic is, we are talking about English here. Merriam-Webster lists quite a few variations:

    \is-ˈläm, iz-, -ˈlam, ˈis-ˌ, ˈiz-ˌ\

    It also provides two audio recordings, one for /ɪsˈlɑːm/ and one for /ɪzˈlæm/.

    The Wiktionary says:


    • enPR: ĭs-läm', IPA: /ɪsˈlɑːm/, SAMPA: /Is"lA:m/
    • enPR: ĭz-läm', IPA: /ɪzˈlɑːm/, SAMPA: /Iz"lA:m/
    • enPR: ĭz'lăm, IPA: /ˈɪzlæm/, SAMPA: /"Izl{m/

    Again, with all due respect to other languages, we just don't pronounce matador the way it is pronounced in Spanish, sputnik the way it is pronounced in Russian, or kindergarten the way it is pronounced in German.

  • Dia

    Well, "Islam" (and consequently all words derived from it) is pronounced correctly with an S not a Z.

    And the importance of this distinction is that "Izlam" in Arabic means "getting dark", whereas "Islam" (with S) means "submission".

  • cindi

    If native English speaking Muslims (of whom there are many) favour 'Isslam', then this pronunciation has some authority. You are an authority on the pronunciation of your own religion, just as you are on the pronunciation of your own name.

    It would be interesting to know the Native English speaking Muslim pronunciation.

  • RegDwigнt

    Edit: the original pronunciation is something like "eeslahm", but the point is never pronounce it with a z.